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Ross Quinn Introducing A Groovy Electronic Track With His Single "Breathing"

Ross Quinn is an uprising artist who is a multi-instrumentalist. At the age of 18 he decided to leave his home in Yorkshire dales and had moved to London. While growing up he always had the passion of doing something with music and overtime he eventually started recording and making music of his own. At the time he used to work in a studio as an assistant, which is now known as the defunct studio Gin Factory which led to him rubbing shoulders with the likes of MJ Cole, Wiley, and Stormzy . While continuously working on his music, Quinn has racked up streams and press support on the back of two tracks, 'You' and 'Away With Me'. Quinn has also worked with George Reid ( formerly of Alunageorge) on his spellbinding left-pop "You"

Following his newest release "Breathing" it's one of his outstanding tracks in his debut Ep "Away With Me". The track begins with a nostalgic beat leading onto his bold and inciting vocals. The Amazing production captures the whole feel of the track having that electronic but yet driven indie vibe. Quinn provides outstanding vocal melodies as well as having that memorable hook that could catch anyone's attention instantly throughout the track. Quinn's gentle vocals and delivery merge beautifully, that anyone who would be listening to this track would be instantly wanting to listen to more. This track is the perfect essential for a hot summer day by the pool with friends, just jamming out and letting loose. Check out "Breathing" as well as his latest Ep "Away With Me".


Instagram: @rossquinnofficial




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