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Rose White - "Ivory"

Rose White, a Polish-born singer/songwriter based in North West London, is making waves with her soulful and funky pop music. With intimate lyrics that speak her truth, Rose finds therapy through songwriting, exploring and understanding herself and the world around her. Drawing inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, Sia, and Joy Crookes, Rose has been an active member of the London music scene since 2018.

Her latest single, "Ivory," is the third to be released from her upcoming debut EP, "One Fourth Mark," set for release on February 24, 2023. The EP is an artistic reflection of Rose's life, where she discusses relationships, mental health, and life after turning 25. Recorded in her back garden studio with producer Tommy Sigalov earlier this year, the EP fuses pop with elements of soul and funk to create a unique sound.

"Ivory" is a soft, dreamy track that describes the beginning of a new relationship, with all the doubts, fears, and butterflies that come with it. The track showcases Rose's natural gift for telling poignant stories through her lyrics, which combined with her sultry vocals, effortlessly transcends genres. The instrumental created by producer Joss Mogli, perfectly compliments the message Rose is trying to send out, capturing the magic moments of getting to know someone new, experiencing new things and learning their perspective on life.

Rose's passion for music began at the age of two and was nurtured by her parents who placed her into a travelling youth choir. Her mother was a poet who passed on her love of words, which would later fuel Nadia’s talent as a lyricist. After losing her mother to suicide at the age of 17, Rose went down a path of self-sabotage and destruction, using relationships and partying to ignore her pain. It was only after she turned to artistry, which ultimately saved her life, that Rose found the strength to rebuild herself.

Growing up in Poland, Rose was always surrounded by music and the arts. Previously a professional ballroom dancer, she started taking vocal lessons at age 15 and played her first concert in her hometown of Szczecin, Poland. In 2017, Rose moved to London with just £300, two suitcases, and a dream to make a name for herself on the UK music scene. Despite the ups and downs, Rose collaborated with newly met artists and released her debut single, "Ride," in 2018, which led to recognition from other musicians and numerous concerts in various London venues.

During the pandemic, Rose found solace in songwriting, pouring her experiences into her music. With her debut EP set for release in February 2023, Rose's music offers a message of hope, encouraging listeners to relate to her story and find comfort in her music.


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