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Rose Brokenshire Introduces A Dreamy Track With "Maybe We're Just Tired"

Introducing upcoming artist Rose Brokenshire she's a Toronto local who makes music that seamlessly marries both desolation and daydreams. Rose writes from a place of deep vulnerability, a reflex reaction to the beauty and turbulence of life. Using ambient vocals and atmospheric musical elements, she transcends her listeners from a simple chord progression into a unique listening environment. Growing up Rose was getting fully into Toronto's folk scene, most of time playing in live shows and producing acoustic Ep's such as "Seeds You Grow" in 2013 and Wend in 2014. But growing up in the city left her with a vast desire to be closer to nature leading her her to become a Forest FireFighter and, subsequently putting her writing and performing to a halt. Six Years later, Rose is turning her future and making more music than ever just a little different than before. In the fall of 2019, Rose released Six Years, the final collection of her favorite unreleased songs written almost six years ago. It is an ode to the old, and a clearing of space for what is yet to come.

Following her newest single "Maybe We're Just Tired" she creates something truly beautiful. Starting the track with a slow but yet groovy feel leading onto her sweet and soft vocals. She captures the whole essence of the track, having a slow track but having the swaying your hands through the door feel it's a interesting track for sure. To explain the track further it's about the moment you catch yourself being your worst critic and then letting go of that tension. Because maybe you are just tired! It is the self-compassion that follows deep frustration, and choosing being kind and understanding to yourself when confronted with a personal flaw or a moment lacking in grace. It's a great track to check out for any occasion.






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