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RonDaDon - "Good Days"

Introducing RonDaDon with the latest single "Good Days". The musician tells us "I’m a rapper from Columbus, Ohio. I like to be versatile in my music and can rap in lanny different styles and sub-genres. The most important thing about my music to me is my lyrics and I try to always say something of value in my music, whether it’s for the listener to better understand me or to better understand themselves." We tend to agree, the artist defintely is in their own lane. The writing is simply like poetry we think, and we admire the light in the single. The single is about having good days, as the title suggests, and who doesnt like that. The brightness of the single lyrically is reminiscent to early j cole here we think and the artist is succesful at delivering something that falls easily on the ears. Listen below.


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