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Rome Aries With A Beautiful Track "here, there"

Introducing upcoming artist Rome Aries who is a singer/songwriter and producer from the bay area in California. Always having a love for music he decided to start his journey with his musical career, after keeping his music to himself a close friend had finally convinced him that his music could reach others. After that he has been continuously making music for any and all listeners. Following his newest track "here, there" he perfectly executes this track that it would be difficult to not listen to all of it. Starting the track with soothing guitar chords leading onto his soft spoken and sweet vocals. It's a captivating track that really captures the tranquility and peaceful feels that this song projects. To explain this track further it's about being in two different places at one time. To be here and there is the answer when asked where you are - mentally. this song is inspired from the idea that things come and go, which is also reflected with the short track duration. Make sure to go check out his other tracks all his songs are amazing and so pure.