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Rodoski - "JESTER" (feat. Chris King & Chuuwee)

North Carolina's own Rodoski is making waves in the rap scene with his latest track, "JESTER," featuring the dynamic duo of Chris King and Chuuwee. Released under Rodoski Records, this song brings an energetic and aggressive vibe that's perfect for fans of trap and gangsta rap. In a candid revelation, Rodoski shares how the collaboration came to be. He initially reached out to G Herbo on Instagram with the idea of creating a chorus together. However, despite getting a "Let's get it" response from the Chicago-based rapper, G Herbo didn't follow through. Undaunted, Rodoski decided to team up with Chris King and Chuuwee instead. Their chemistry was electric, and they delivered stellar verses that complement Rodoski's signature trippy wordplay and ethereal sound. "JESTER" exudes an aggressive and dark mood that's sure to get listeners pumped up. If you're a fan of artists like G Herbo, A$AP Ferg, and Denzel Curry, you're in for a treat. Rodoski's determination to make this track blow up is palpable, and he's out to prove that G Herbo missed out on a golden opportunity. Beyond the music, Rodoski is known for his spiritual approach to life and music, which he adopted after experiencing the loss of close friends and family. He's gained recognition from notable music blogs like "thewordisbond" and "speedonthebeat" for his unique style. Additionally, Rodoski runs a clothing line, and you can often spot him and his girlfriend, JulianaRmah, wearing his brand in music videos and on Instagram. Speaking of collaborations, JulianaRmah has lent her talents to a few of Rodoski's tracks, garnering significant attention and hinting at more joint projects in the future. Rodoski doesn't hold back when it comes to speaking his mind on his tracks. He's a firm believer in karma and leaves an indelible mark on his listeners, ensuring that his music will linger in your mind, leaving you with thoughts to puzzle over. With "JESTER," Rodoski, Chris King, and Chuuwee are primed to take the rap world by storm, and they're inviting you along for the wild ride. Listen below.


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