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Roby On Fire With "Acaena"

Boston-based producer ROBY has found his way to his own sound. Breaking through the noise with the unmistakable floating green head as his persona, ROBY had an incredibly strong start to his 2021 with accolades from deadmau5, who called his music “soundtrack fire.” The single to us is very reminiscent to Burial in a new sense of feeling you get from listening to the music, while everything doesn't seem on beat, we don't even quite know if it's off beat, the feeling we hear is what gets us addicted and want to put the single into words, but it seems not possible. "Acaena" is a single you listen to when alone, or something you can defintely envision listening to when you're in the audience and Roby is dj'ing his set while you rock your head off of your shoulders, take a listen below.


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