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Rising artist Khamari Blesses Us With An Insightful Track, "Jealous"

Khamari is an upcoming artist from Dorchester, MA that has been picking up his music career by a storm with his first release"Jealous". Khamari always knew he had the passion for music, while still in school he quietly was getting a hold of hundreds of millions of plays and over 50,000 followers on Soundcloud. Just by recording cover songs in his bedroom as something else to do while working. After leaving Berklee College of Music, he decided to shift directly into the mayhem of the music industry and ever since forth he's been focusing on his artistry being skilled as vocalist, pianist, and guitarist.

"Jealous" is his first single and it was self- written and produced in his bedroom and given a final production assist by his close collaborators. "Jealous" is such a smooth and blissful track. His vocals are so sincere and clear, his writing is beautifully written to a relatable point of isolation. I just love this track it captures the whole essence of hurt but yet a nostalgic feel. Make sure to check out this pretty track!



Twitter: @_khamari

Instagram: @Khamarimusic


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