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Riles "Let it Go" Ft. Tommy Genesis From The LVL 36 EP

Riles is a rising star born on January 4, 1996 who is an Algerian-born French rapper, songwriter, composer and record producer from Rouen, who sings and writes his songs in English. Born in France to Algerian parents, he started making music at a very young age by learning guitar and making Youtube covers. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree, he decided to focus solely on music as a career. He had started working as a supervisor for a while to save enough money up and build his own in home-studio. He then began to compose and write music independently. He started his own music career by producing, writing, and mastering his own songs, as well as recording, directing, and editing his own music videos.

For Time now, Riles has been working hard releasing amazing tracks throughout his career and his latest track "Let It Go"ft Tommy Genesis is one of the many reasons as to why this artist is someone to keep your eyes on. "Let It Go" is such a confident and oozing track, the beginning of the track starts off with 808's that set a perfect tone for the atmosphere. Riles hypnotizing vocal approach gives you a sense to get lost in the music. Go check out this track it's perfect for a late night ride with friends.


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