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RIIIVER JORDAN - "Sangria & Gunz"

RIIIVER JORDAN is a young singer who recently released his second single titled "Sangria & Gunz" from his debut EP, "Departing the Moon." The song is a worldwide hit that exudes confidence, sexiness, and makes one want to dance. Jordan was discovered by Mogul Nick Cannon and signed to his label, NCREDIBLE. Jordan's life was inspired by his grandfather's words of wisdom, who told him that one of the richest places in the world is a cemetery because so many ideas, songs, movies, and books go unwritten, unheard, or unseen. Jordan wanted to change that and touch hearts by inspiring love in the world.

Jordan's musical journey started with covers of popular songs, including James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" and Martin Garrix and Troy Sivan's "There For You." He found solace in these songs during a tough time in his life, which included a break-up and disasters in Houston and Florida. He believed that the universe was trying to bring the world together through love and less focus on politics and reality television.

Jordan hit his creative stride with his first original piece, "Purple Fantasy," which is about the temptations of life and love with someone you can't have right now. It's about focusing your love on yourself and where you are headed, no matter the degree of temptation. Jordan wanted to focus his love and energy on self after spending much of his journey catering to the world outside of himself. With great imagination and an awesome hook, Jordan has created a masterpiece with "Purple Fantasy."

Jordan was born in Lansing, Michigan, and had a tough childhood, including a near-fatal car accident when he was three months old. Doctors told his mother and grandmother that he wouldn't walk, talk, or live as a normal child, but Jordan overcame the incident and fell in love with music. His stepfather was a producer, and he and his family always had a studio in their house. Jordan loved being in the studio with his stepfather and performing with his family. As a kid, Jordan imagined himself in a group in order to insulate himself with the type of love he didn't get from his real father.

Despite the setbacks in his life, Jordan never gave up on his dreams. He struck out on his own as a solo artist, covering popular songs and now recording his original material. Jordan believes that the thing that you're scared of most in the world is probably the thing that you're supposed to do. By pursuing his dreams, Jordan feels as though he made the right choice, and he hopes to inspire love and touch hearts with his music.


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