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Rico James x Rhinoceros Funk - "Pump This" prod. by Rico James

The new single "Pump This" from Vermont-based producer Rico James and NYC College Professor/Rapper Rhinoceros Funk is a hard-hitting track that falls within the genres of Rap/Hip-Hop and Conscious Hip-Hop. The track also features elements of Old-School Hip-Hop and serves as a call to action for listeners to use their voices to effect change.

The track's production is punchy and straight forward, with Rico James showcasing his skills as a producer by creating a beat that complements Rhinoceros Funk's flow and delivery. The track reminds people of the power of using their voice for change, whether it's protesting in the streets or questioning the misplaced agenda designed by politicians instead of academics.

Rhinoceros Funk's verses are delivered with precision and purpose, with lyrics that address the current state of the world and the need for people to take action. The track is a reminder that change can only happen when people come together and use their voices to effect change.

The single is available via Man Bites Dog Records Bandcamp in the form of a 7-inch lathe and digital download. Fans of similar artists like Madlib, Flying Lotus, Hi-Tek, El-P, Oddisee, and Apollo Brown are sure to appreciate the hard-hitting sound and conscious message of "Pump This."

In conclusion, "Pump This" is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking track that showcases the talents of both Rico James and Rhinoceros Funk. The track's production, lyrics, and message are a testament to the power of hip-hop as a tool for social change. The single is an excellent addition to any hip-hop fan's collection and serves as a reminder that change can only happen when people use their voices to effect change.


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