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Rich Robbins With His Captivating Track "It's Not Your Fault"

Upcoming artist Rich Robbins is a rapper. Rich Robbins is a poet. He is a producer and an educator. But more than anything, the Oak Park-born, Chicago-based artist is a world-builder. In his young career, he has journeyed from Chicago to Philly to Madison, WI. Rich’s early years as a college student saw his music take an outward, conceptual look against the ills of society. Being in Madison and the First Wave hip-hop scholarship program jumpstarted his artistry by providing resources and collaborators that defined his early sound. He also recorded wide-reaching tracks like "Dreams" feat. Mick Jenkins.

Moving back to Chicago provided what he needed to reach the next level. The proximity to artists like Chance and Noname, and to family, collaborating with other Chicago heavy-hitters like Saba, his work as an activist, experience as a Spoken Word educator/coach, and journey through meditative practices, have all led him to a freer mind and sound. This freedom allowed him to look inward and out for society's ills and to create spaces in his songs for listeners to explore. In short, Rich’s work critiques the old while envisioning and manifesting the new. With the release of his newest single "It's Not Your Fault," he projects a very groovy track that will certainly intrigue your ears. Beginning with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his sweet and soft vocals he completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it seeks to repurpose masculinity into something more vulnerable by first admitting it is a challenging part of himself “I’ve been falling down the blackest hole” and then “it’s systemic, individual, passed down, residual, formidable opponents that sometimes look like Huxtables” In the chorus, we have playful but important regression “I take that back, I take that back, I take that back, it’s all your fault”, showing that dismantling this masculinity is more difficult than it seems. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you in your feels and have you thinking. It would be so perfect for a late night drive or a day out on the beach. Go stream "It's Not Your Fault" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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