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Reyanna Maria - "Loser"

Introducing Reyanna Maria, with "Loser" On the track, piano trickles over a sparse beat as her flow turns its tempo on a dime. Lamenting a lame relationship, she sings, “I’m way too fine for this, I ain’t got time for this,” while her delivery flutters up and down. The artist is a pure treasure. We hear that improvment needs to come in and quickly so she becomes a star of the future. Its lovely that the rough mixes are working for now because she has raw talent. The artist is reminiscent to Kehlani and Jhene Aiko to us bigly. The artist is soft with her vocals and can hear that she has the sass to back herself up if shes ever in a corner. We think she defintely has what it takes to become a star of the future and more than likely take her hero's and inspirations spots. Listen below.


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