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Revenge Wife - "Niente" (Remix by Robert PM )

Revenge Wife, the solo project of HOLYCHILD lead singer Liz Nistico, has released a new single titled "Niente," featuring a remix by Robert PM. The remix, released on toucan sounds label, is an italo disco edit that incorporates elements of house and techno.

Robert PM, label manager of toucan sounds and half of French Horn Rebellion, collaborated with Nistico in the studio to produce the remix. Inspired by their mutual love for italo disco, the two artists created the remix in just six hours. The result is a moody and energetic nu-disco track that adds a fresh take on the original recording.

Speaking about the original recording, Nistico said, "‘Niente’ is a culmination of everywhere I’ve been in my life. I graduated from high school and decided to take a gap year and move to Italy. I was always fascinated with my Italian roots, and not growing up with my dad, I felt like I needed to learn Italian and learn about my culture. I fell in love with the life and language there, and now, so many years later, this is my first release in Italian. This song is a connection with myself."

The lyrics of "Niente" speak of wanting to run away and hide, with Nistico's heavily vocoded voice adding an otherworldly feel to the track. At the end of the song, Nistico proclaims her name, marking a step towards understanding herself better through her Revenge Wife project.

The remix by Robert PM adds a layer of disco flair to the track, with the italo influences shining through. The result is a catchy and danceable track that maintains the moodiness of the original recording while adding a fresh take on the sound.

Fans of Revenge Wife's music will find similarities with other moody and energetic artists such as Corine and Kapote, while fans of HOLYCHILD will enjoy Nistico's new solo project. Robert PM's remix adds to his already impressive discography, which includes remixes for the likes of Beyonce and Sia.

Overall, "Niente" (Remix by Robert PM) is a fun and energetic nu-disco track that adds a new dimension to Revenge Wife's music. The collaboration between Nistico and Robert PM showcases their mutual love for italo disco and highlights their talent for creating catchy and danceable tracks.


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