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Revalation x GoD iLLa x Eli Greene - "Dreamchaser" (Feat. Eli Greene) prod. by Putty Productions

Introducing Revalation x GoD iLLa x Eli Greene with the latest single "Dreamchaser" (Feat. Eli Greene) prod. by Putty Productions. The musicians really band together to show you what happens when you work together in collaboration. Christopher "Revalation" Figueroa is a talented, Puerto Rican MC from New Bedford, MA and part of the New England Hip-Hop collective EMS. Born in South Bronx, NY and partially raised there, Rev is no stranger to tense surroundings, which has only helped him excel in the art of emceeing. The single is a very diverse one we think, we get a bit of a grime flavor within the beat and it reminds us of the u.k. When we speak about the genre it really reminds us of stormzy. The single is simply raw we think, as well as the music video. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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