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ReptileLegit With A Melancholy Track "Idontreallycare"

Talented artist Francesca Baradi, professionally known as ReptileLegit or reptile, is a 17 year old Filipino-American rapper, singer, and YouTuber from Fremont, California. Over the course of her YouTube career, she's amassed over 500,000 subscribers and over 75,000,000 video views. First gaining major attention in 2018, she released Da Bruh Album, which features the song Fairy Bruh Parents with a much bigger following to her name, she released an album in March 2020, titled Little Timmy's Cassette, which features the track E-GIRL FURRIES!. From 2018 to 2020 she had been releasing 5 Minecraft song parodies, but in February of 2020 she has concluded to work solely on her original music.

With that being said I would like to introduce another yet again amazing track by ReptileLegit called "Idontreallycare". Starting the track with a melancholy beat leading onto her sweet and soft vocals. This track is definitely a vibe for a day of feeling under the weather or just wanting to sit in your thoughts. It truly captures the emotions that she is projecting through the track, to explain the track a bit further it's about just not feeling well at the moment and not really knowing what to do, thoughts fill your mind and your trying to fight a forever going battle within yourself. It's truly relatable when everyone at some point have felt like this in their life. It express true integrity and just a track that is exceptional. Go stream "Idontreallycare".






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