René Le Feuvre - "like i love u"

René Le Feuvre is a 23 year old Australian pop artist and songwriter. What might sound like an ‘accident’ was merely destiny calling. Written from the perspective of his cousin's breakup with his wife and two kids, René tells the story in first person as if he were in his cousins shoes. Themes of heartbreak and deceit are strong, with relatable moments such as 'take something to numb myself' and 'I don't wanna picture someone else' really hitting home. The single to us is very soft and leading with a relaxing rhodes piano that is grasping and feels very sensetive, and personal. The lyrics are amazing and well thought out and the delivery is something that you can just listen to over and over again. We think the instrumental as well is amazing with secrets going on that you have to really listen to like the guitars. The build up is amazing, listen below.


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