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Rei Brown Introduces a Heartfelt Track With "Honest"

Introducing upcoming artist Rei Brown who creates beautiful tracks with everything he makes. Being a Japanese-American based in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York City, Brown moved to America a few years back to attend Berklee School Of Music and pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Inspired by Jai Paul, He has picked up support already from Zane Lowe and is set for a big few months. With his latest track "Honest" Rei provides a soothing beat leading onto his soft spoken vocals that are truly calming. This particular track is something really special, having vocal tones that will really capture your heart and soul. To explain this track it's about digging deep into the harsh sides of love explaining that the special someone isn't really who you wanna be with, it's about breaking free and realizing that sometimes certain things are just not meant to be, you try so hard and the spark is just not there. it's truly a capturing track with having a somber lofi-indie beat it really just hits the core of what "love" can also turn out to be. It's a really heart-felt track that anyone sometimes going through tough decisions can sit down and really listen and figure out what's really meant to be. Go check out "Honest"






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