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Reflectionz - "Rumours Of War"

Introducing Reflectionz with his latest hit "Rumours Of War," a track that masterfully blends Lo-fi and Conscious Hip-Hop with an Alternative twist. His style is reminiscent of the profound artistry found in legends like K-OS, Immortal Technique, and Damian Marley, yet it stands out with its unique flair.

Reflectionz is a storyteller with impeccable timing, bars that hit hard, melodies that linger, and an originality that's rare in today's music scene. He also delivers a melodic feeling on the single with his vocals. His authenticity shines through every lyric, creating a connection with listeners that's both profound and personal. This balance of musicality and artistry makes him a standout performer, as well as in the single and music video. Reflectionz kind of sets himself apart with his understanding of the importance of live shows in an increasingly visual world. He knows how to captivate a crowd, whether it's through a solo performance, a written piece, or a freestyle. His ability to share the stage with undeniable talents such as Redman, Blackalicious, and Moka Only, among others, showcases his versatility and charisma. We hope to hear the musician go off on stage to this single. Listen now.


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