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REAPVR - "Rainy Day Woman 3"

REAPVR is a mysterious artist that takes you into his own world through his instrumental lofi music. The music is laden with feelings of melancholy, nostalgia, and yearning for simpler times. he paints pictures with atmospheric textures like the sound of rain or a quiet road as a backdrop for his simple, yet purposeful drums that drive you through the swirling, beautiful environments created by instruments like muffled pianos, spacey pads, and dreamy guitars. REAPVR turns the turmoil of life and relationships into shimmering pieces of art that anyone can place themselves in. His artwork features dreamy and intimate portraits of women mostly and his song titles give a clue as to the motivation behind them. Tracks like "Makeout Island", "I'm Imagining I'm Becoming Someone Else", and "You Turn Me On" are some highlights in his extensive catalog. His new single "Rainy Day Woman 3" is one of the two tracks on his new EP "Huntington (Saturday)". It features a detuned piano dancing over muffled pad chords while a vocal sample floats on top, while the sound of rain sits in the background and a simple and unique drum groove driving through all these layers. Listening to it makes you feel like staring out a window on a rainy day remembering good times you want to forget. Be on the lookout for REAPVR, he's definitely on to something check him out.

Ig: @reapvreapvreapvr


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