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Raw Soul With His Outstanding Track "Penny For Your Thoughts" (Prod. By Midsummer)

Upcoming artist Raw Soul is a Vancouver born artist and rapper. Originally from Libya, North Africa. Aiming to create contemplative music with meaning, and exploring artistic avenues for future growth and development. Raw Soul is carving out a uniquely singular path through the hip hop world. By eschewing the pursuit of fame and embracing an authentic style of storytelling, the Vancouver rapper has quietly built up an impressive catalog of releases and is preparing to make his presence known on the local scene. “I started making music as a means of expressing myself and understanding my own emotions and frustrations,” the 28 year old explains. “I wanted others to hear my stories so they can hopefully relate.” It’s easy to hear that empathetic attitude in Raw Soul’s tracks. Since the release of his 2019 single ‘Roses,’ he has been turning his innermost thoughts on relationships and everyday life into hook heavy tracks that are impossible not to relate to. Raw Soul took a major artistic leap with his 2020 release ‘The EP.’ Leaning into an avant-garde approach, he has pushed his sound into new territory where dissonance and aggressive lyricism are balanced out by radio ready anthems. Whether he blows up or not, Raw Soul is committed to staying humble and turning his inner turmoil into art that can inspire his listeners to live better lives. Following the release of his newest single "Penny For Your Thoughts" he projects a very chill, laid back track that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the track with a smooth beat leading onto his loud and sweet vocals he completes the track fully. To the vocals and production he presents a calming atmosphere that will truly get your head nodding. Explaining the track further it's about living within your own positivity, never thinking about the past or the struggles you have endured. The true meaning that i capture throughout this track is to never stress, good things always come to those who strive for greatness. The track would be just right for a late night drive or just jamming in your room. Go stream "Penny For Your Thoughts" and go check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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