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Rah Figgy - "Tug Of War"

Welcoming Rah Figgy, a truly talented artist, Rah Figgy is able to capture the emotions that create the human experience. His versality and originality is evident as he incorporates elements of R&B, rock, and hip-hop in his storytelling about love, hardships, and triumph. A song-writing career that began as a 6 year old's dream, Rah Figgy shares his life journey and the various paths along the way that he's crossed as he describes them through conceptual lyrics and unforgettable melodies. "Tug Of War" starts off with an ambient pad and what sounds like a piano in reverse. The singing soon comes in very smoothly and ambiently. While there is improvements we think the artist could work on, the foundation is clearly here and Rah Figgy delivers without any problems or issues. The writing here graps the heart of the listener. The singing is very reminiscent to the lead singer of Drakes artists' DVSN. We think if you enjoy DVSN you'll enjoy Rah Figgy.


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