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R3HAB x Inna - "Rock My Body" (Remix by Sam Feldt )

Prepare to have your music senses electrified as the dynamic collaboration between R3HAB and Inna takes center stage with a scintillating remix of "Rock My Body," masterfully crafted by none other than Sam Feldt. The remix, characterized by its vibrant dance pop essence, falls into the captivating genres of Slap House and Brazilian Bass, all enveloped within the expansive realm of EDM. This track is a rollercoaster of moods, delivering a cocktail of energetic, romantic, and happy vibes.

Hailing from the vibrant EDM scene, Sam Feldt brings his signature spin to R3HAB's summer anthem "Rock My Body," originally featuring Inna and Sash. The original track itself garnered immense popularity, amassing over 60 million streams across platforms and leaving its mark on airwaves worldwide with over 200 million radio impressions. However, Feldt's remix takes the track to a whole new dimension, infusing it with a pulsating house-oriented vibe. The build-up, complete with catchy vocals, crescendos into a drop brimming with a deep and dynamic bassline. This remix isn't just a track; it's a full-blown festival banger or the perfect backdrop for an electric after-party.

Sam Feldt's remix follows a trail blazed by R3HAB himself, who earlier collaborated with W&W on a VIP Remix. But it’s Feldt's spin that truly sets the dance floors ablaze. This remix not only showcases his prowess as a producer but also demonstrates his willingness to explore a slightly darker sonic territory than usual, creating an eclectic auditory experience that's both nostalgic and cutting-edge.

And let's not forget the forces that originally shaped this captivating remix. R3HAB, the multi-platinum DJ and producer, has carved his name into the dance music annals, known for his remixes and anthems that have amassed billions of streams and a legion of devoted fans. Inna, the global sensation, with hits spanning continents, adds her voice and aura to this musical explosion. Together, they've brought us a track that's as much an ode to their individual brilliance as it is a testament to the power of collaboration.

Listen below now.


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