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R.C.D. - "Reach"

R.C.D. aka Rough Cut Diamonds is a trio of artists based out of Los Angeles. With unique individual styles, the three members (deseanisdope, W2, & yarlyle) come together to create harmonious, one-of-a-kind music. Reach is the first single of 2022 from LA based trio, R.C.D, the track is the lead single from the groups upcoming Sarine Quazar EP & is produced by the legend AOBeats. The single starts off with an amazing and ambient rhodes / pad sound to us, that has us grasped and invested within the first ten seconds of the song playing already. The artist then comes in and confirms to us that they indeed know what they're doing. It seems as though the trio are influenced by the OVO camp, we get flavors of Drake influence, as well as PARTYNEXTDOOR. The writing is so addicting, espcially when it comes down to the hook that gets you... hooked, with "reach, reach, reach." We hope to hear more from them, listen below for yourself.


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