Rêve - "Layover"

Intrdoucing Rêve with her latest single Layover today. The single is very reminiscent to Dua Lipa in the way that its drived by disco. Right during the end of black history month we always love when artists are influenced by the black creation that is disco music. It's clear as day how much black musicians influence the music scene, but we love the twist with "Layover" which is again like a Dua Lipa, disco record. We absolutely like the idea here and the instrumental most. On the inspiration behind the new song, Rêve says, “‘Layover’ recalls a story during a 12-hour layover between LA and Australia I had a few years ago. I was deliriously tired, having already been up for 24 hours, but rallied and had one of the most epic nights of my life with a group of old friends, resulting in me almost missing my flight!” Listen below.


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