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"DROP 'EM" is the electrifying collaboration between New Zealand's QUIX and the renowned singer, songwriter, actor, choreographer, and entertainer SOFI. The track is a dark spoken-word house anthem that seamlessly blends hard-hitting basslines with danceable melodies, making it an irresistible future festival anthem.

The song's inspiration is SOFI's love letter to electronic music and its scene, where defiance and submission coexist. She plays with double meanings, blurring the lines between being literal and metaphorical, leaving things up for interpretation. SOFI's rap-style vocals deliver style and sass, making her performance a nostalgic delight for longtime fans of electronic dance music and new listeners alike.

QUIX's production prowess is evident in the way he takes his house music and blends it with his unique sound design. His take on house is a representation of his creativity, which makes the track a perfect fit for the collaboration with SOFI. The song's structure has a call-and-response element that feels unanimous, like when friends finish each other's sentences.

QUIX has been tearing up the trap scene since his initial travel to North America in 2017. He has been continuously shaking the new ground with his unique sound design, racking up millions of plays, and creatively merging genres with powerful vocals while staying true to his signature sound. He has been honored by Spotify to feature on the cover of their two biggest international dance playlists, "Mint" and "Dance Rising," and officially remixed the likes of Steve Aoki, GASHI, RL Grime, and more.

SOFI is a highly skilled artist who joined global superstars on multiple global tours, including Britney Spears' "Circus" 2009 World Tour as a supporting vocalist and choreographer, dancer, and vocalist for Avril Lavigne's 2009 "The Best Damn Tour." She is famously known as the muse, voice, and writer behind the deadmau5 hit singles "Sofi Needs A Ladder" and "One Trick Pony" from the Grammy-nominated album 4x4=12.

In conclusion, "DROP 'EM" is a powerful and captivating collaboration between QUIX and SOFI that brings out the best in both artists. The track is a perfect representation of their creativity, and it's bound to be a fan favorite around the globe this season.


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