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Punk Adams - "Boo"

Brooklyn bred, Los Angeles based R&B artist Punk Adams just released his new single “Boo.” Exploring a new love and taking a bold approach with someone he’s interested in, Punk is forward with his feelings, singing ”I done had a few but there ain’t none like you.” The single we think is very much so reminiscent to Chris Brown and Omarion in the sense of the writing style being so 00's inspired. We get a lot of early Beyonce influence in the work as well. While there is still room for improvement for the artist, like on the vocal mix side for example, we can't wait to be tuned in now that we are and expierence the transformation that Punk Adams is going to go through from here on out. We think the hook is absolutely addicting as well, and we think you'll think so too. Listen below.


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