Pulp - "Sulking in my trunk"

Pulp is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been active in the community and Pulp has not yet had a lengthy career but is making moves in the music scene. A producer, artist, and band member (frontman of GUSH/GiveUpStillHere) Pulp has been doing interviews whenever the opportunity arises, leaving you wanting more. Pulp has given us beautiful singles like "Kuze" Produced by Candy Cigarettes. Pulps voice is one of a kind, but if you dig deep and think, it's almost reminiscent to Dominic Fike. The singing from Pulp is yet to come out but like any flower it has to bloom and develop and we know we will hear more in the coming months, Pulp is plain and simple an artist to watch. The single "Sulking in my trunk" is relative to the track "Kuze" with it's lofi elements. The mixing is purposely the way it is to capture a certain emotion. Pulp, again, is simply an artist you shouldn't miss out on.