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props - "headphones on [chainsaw song]"

Welcoming "headphones on [chainsaw song]" by props, an electrifying new entry in the world of Synthpop and Indietronica with a twist of Hyperpop. This track is the first single from the London-based artist's upcoming 'Slacktivist EP', and it's bursting with happy and energetic vibes we think which rubs off on you as the listener, reminiscent of artists like JAWNY, Arlie, MGMT, and Passion Pit we think. The vocals are bright and right in your face, and the beat is something that is a combination of relaxation and sharpness. The single features a faster-paced verse lyrically capturing the urge to hide from the chaos of the world, while its catchy chorus humorously underscores the absurdity of our societal systems, something not alot of artist do we think. As the musician puts it, "Humanity is basically hurtling towards some unknown abyss of self-destruction and yet we’re all like 'meh, not my problem' - it’s hilarious." So, get ready to experience a track that's not just a song but a statement. "headphones on [chainsaw song]" by props is a must-listen for anyone who loves music that's as thought-provoking as it is infectious. Listen now and let this ironically joyous anthem resonate with you!


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