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professor lee - "COCO !"

"COCA!" by Professor Lee is an upbeat and energetic alternative hip-hop/post-rock track that pays homage to the precious memories of the artist's 20s with friends. The song features a catchy and bouncy beat that is sure to get listeners moving and grooving.

As a South Korean artist, Professor Lee brings a unique perspective to the world of alternative hip-hop, infusing his music with elements of Korean culture and music. The track "COCA!" is no exception, with its playful and energetic vibe that is reminiscent of the K-pop group BigBang.

Listeners can expect to feel happy and uplifted by the infectious energy of the song, as Professor Lee encourages everyone to make a bounce and enjoy the moment. Overall, "COCA!" is a fun and lively track that showcases Professor Lee's unique style and love for music.


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