Introducing Australian artist "PRAX". At just 18-years-old, PRAX’s upbringing in the often-overlooked suburbs of Brisbane saw him inspired by his mother to learn how to play music and sing, which later turned into busking at the age of just nine. Since, he has turned music into his passion, working to build his talents which have developed without professional training. Prax came to us with his recent single "THE GAME".

The single is a cold, is hard hitting-definite sleeper hit. His vocals are unique, but thinking about it it's reminiscent to Lil Peep and 6lack to us. We're in love with how the artist starts off soft and belts on certain phrases, showing us his range. PRAX even gives us a taste of falsetto at around 2:30. The beat screams The Weeknd influence with bass sounding like it came from the single "High For This". I'm personally in love with all the textures and sounds of the instrumental as well, with the sounds around 1:45, video game sounding effects. After combining all these aspects for the track you get this ethereal one. Little is known about the artist PRAX being that we were just introduced to him, but we do hope to hear more from this young artist.