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Potter - "Take It All Away" (feat. Rahiem Supreme)

Introducing "Take It All Away" by Potter featuring Rahiem Supreme, a dynamic fusion of Hip-Hop and Conscious Hip-Hop, radiating with aggressive, energetic, and happy vibes all put into one. We think that the track stands out in the modern hip-hop landscape, blending lyrical ingenuity with a nostalgic '90s essence which we love. The single is really reminiscent to artist like to the styles of artists like Russ, Jack Harlow, Connor Price, and Nic D. The beat is soul-stirring, paired with Rahiem Supreme's feature that harkens back to the golden era of hip-hop, creating a bridge between generations. It's the perfect track for reflective moments or reminiscing about classic times, really giving you that feeling that transcends mere rhythm and rhyme. "Take It All Away" is a testament to Potter's artistic evolution, where his poetic roots blend seamlessly with his musical aspirations. The track is an invitation to listeners to experience a timeless rhythm that resonates with both the past and the present. Listen now and let the music flow through you!


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