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POSY - "Netami"

Be ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jazz with a modern twist – "Netami" by POSY. This instrumental gem is a slow-burning jazz tune that's sure to set your mood just right. Collaborating with talents from around the globe, POSY delivers a track that's as smooth as it is refreshing, capturing the essence of contemporary jazz with a touch of that lo-fi charm. "Netami" is more than just a jazz piece; it's a musical journey that starts slow and gradually draws you in with its intricate layers and soulful melodies. Featuring the mesmerizing tenor saxophone magic of UK-based saxophonist John 'Rittipo' Moore, and accompanied by strings by Serbian composer Djordje Milanovic, the track feels like a cross-continental conversation through music. Released under Bastard Jazz Recordings, "Netami" is a testament to POSY's skill in seamlessly blending different musical elements. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Khruangbin, Robohands, and Okvsho, POSY infuses his music with a contemporary vibe while retaining that classic jazz essence. The result is a modern jazz track that's as thick and lush in its mix as it is laidback in its overall feel. POSY, also known as Rudy Klobas, hails from Portland and is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who's mastered the art of infusing genres like jazz, R&B, and electronic music into his creations. His journey started with classical guitar training, but he soon expanded his repertoire to include piano, bass, and drums. With a knack for creating lush and intricately layered music, POSY manages to keep his sound simple enough to evoke relaxation and nostalgia while instilling a sense of hope. "Netami" is a testament to the power of collaboration across borders, bringing together talents from different corners of the world to create a harmonious masterpiece. Whether you're seeking a soundtrack for a laidback evening or a tune to keep you company during your contemplative moments, "Netami" is a must-add to your playlist. So, let the smooth and happy vibes of POSY's music wash over you, as you embark on a musical journey that's both timeless and contemporary. Listen now!


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