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Portland Cello Project - "Winter Wonderland"

Introducing "Winter Wonderland" by Portland Cello Project, a vibrant, jazzy and upbeat instrumental take perfect for ushering in the holiday season. Known for their eclectic performances that skillfully blend modern and classical music, the group brings a fresh perspective to this beloved holiday classic. While their upcoming holiday album features the vocal talents of Prince alum Saeeda Wright, "Winter Wonderland" stands out as an instrumental piece, showcasing the group's prowess in creating a jazzy and lively rendition of the classic tune. Truly feeling, cold, slow but very relaxing like you're sitting next to a fireplace. This version is ideal for the festive mood that comes with the calendar flip to December, providing a soundtrack that encapsulates the joy and cheer of the season we think. Portland Cello Project has a reputation for their unique approach to music, having previously recorded for Kill Rock Stars and taken on the music of Radiohead, among others. Their collaborations with artists like Thao Nguyen have further cemented their status as versatile and innovative musicians. The holiday record is no exception, with contributions from other Prince alumni such as Tyrone Hendrix (who has also worked with Stevie Wonder) and multi-instrumentalist Alex Milsted (known for his work with Stevie Wonder and Liv Warfield). The single is more than just a regular holiday tune we think personally, it's a celebration of musical fusion, bringing together elements of jazz, holiday music, and crossover classical in a way that is both refreshing and familiar. This track is perfect for those who enjoy classical music with a contemporary twist! Listen now.


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