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Poet22 Put Us In A Daze With "Crush"

Poet22 is a 19-year-old RnB artist based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. In 2019 she released her first EP entitled “Perfect Timing”, which will be followed by Chrysalis in 2021. Her new single "Crush" is the lead single off of her album entitled Chrysalis. She said "This song along with the rest of the project, was made with my producer and good friend Tamira Slade in her bedroom. At the beginning of quarantine I was in my senior year of highschool and had decided I wanted to professionally pursue music. During my solitude I was able to reflect on my life and get personal with myself. Writing crush I was able to remember how pure and simple love used to be. There were no strings or complications. All the love I talked about experiencing was for myself and how I thought love should feel." Crush feels to us how it is to look at a crush for the first time, that feeling of daze. I almost envisioned SZA or Wiz Khalifa coming in next after her soft luscious vocal. To put it simply, Poet22 is someone that you want to see grow and blossom as the artist learns new things and matures along with the music. Listen below.


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