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Pixel Grip Introduce Their Trippy Track "Demon Chaser" (feat. MONĀE)

Upcoming trio Pixel Grip is surely making their presence known with their latest single "Demon Chaser". The Chicago trio takes inspiration from the dimly-lit stages they dominate from their forthcoming sophomore album ARENA, out later this year. With a distinct pulse to their music exploring Avant pop, EBM, and minimal wave, their new single "Pursuit" is a taste of the pounding dance rhythms the trio creates.Lukea gives some background on the meaning of the new single: "'Pursuit' distills a very specific feeling to me: the feeling of surrendering power, the feeling of having your love chewed up and spit out, the feeling of getting toyed with. Sometimes love isn’t empowering; in fact, it can be humiliating and disabling. The only way I can take my power back is to pretend like it’s my decision. This song is designed to be screamed along with by an audience who understands the pain"

Lukea and bandmates Jonathan Freund and Tyler Ommen used crowded clubs as inspiration during the pandemic that cut off safe socializing, remembering nightlife as a respite from the combative conditions of everyday life. Pixel Grip’s songs confront wealth disparity, mental illness, and gun violence alike with over-stimulated confidence, audible in the relentless beats, and Lukea’s unmistakable vocals. With the release of their newest single "Demon Chaser" they project a vibrant but yet trippy track that will surely intrigue your ears. Starting the track with upbeat instrumentation leading onto their luscious and full vocals they complete the track fully. With the added music video they certainly bring this track to life, with capturing shots and the overall scene and feeling this track speaks for itself. It would just be perfect to be played loudly at a club or for a late night drive. Go stream "Demon Chaser" and check out their discography which is filled with astounding tracks.



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