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PHONO x D3REZ x TAT - "Neo Arcadia"

Introducing a vibrant fusion of East meets West in the electronic music scene, 'Neo Arcadia' is the latest piece from the collaborative genius of PHONO, D3REZ, and TAT. Released under PHONO RECORDS, this track is a standout in the 'Heaven Trap' genre we should say, a style celebrated for its synth-heavy, aggressive, yet colorful tones. The synths explain the heaven part we think, really taking you . 'Neo Arcadia' is purely instrumental, letting its intense soundscape speak volumes. At the 0:41 mark, brace yourself for an aggressive drop that's bound to send waves through your body. The unique blend of traditional Chinese instruments with the pulsating beats of electronic dance music creates an auditory experience that's both exotic and familiar we think, exotic on the different sounds but familiar on the Deadmau5 feel we think. Fans of SLANDER, or RL Grime will find 'Neo Arcadia' right up their alley. This track has garnered a lot of love on Chinese music platforms, and it's easy to see why. Listen below now.


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