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Pheatured - "Minecraft"

Introducing Pheatured with his latest track, "Minecraft," released under SOL Entertainment, is the ultimate chill-out anthem that's sure to elevate your mood.

Born Simaree Lewis in Michigan in 2001, Pheatured made his way to Nashville via Gwinnett, Georgia, and eventually settled in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. His passion for music knows no bounds, and he draws inspiration from a wide range of styles and genres. In October 2019, he made his debut with the unofficial release "C U T O F F," which garnered a modest local following. Pheatured's journey continued with the official release "Hurt", earning him recognition on various blogs alike.

As 2020 unfolded, Pheatured's versatility as an artist really started to shine through with tracks like "Green Szn" and "Noen Knight." His unique blend of lofi hip-hop and rap sets him apart from the crowd, and it's a sound that appeals to gamers and chill enthusiasts alike.

Now, let's dive into "Minecraft." This track is something truly special. Its beat harkens back to the cloud rap era, reminiscent of Yung Lean's dreamy productions. Pheatured's vocals, delivered with a relaxed yet precise rap style, perfectly complement the laid-back atmosphere of the song. When you listen to "Minecraft," you can't help but feel those soothing, nostalgia-inducing vibes of gaming in the world of blocks and adventures. It's a musical journey that transports you to a world of relaxation and creativity, much like the game itself. Listen now!


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