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Phantoms Introducing An Amazing Track With "Moonlight" (feat. Sarah Close)

Phantoms is an amazing duo from Los Angeles, CA compromised by Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pregola and they are a dance act that exactly bring that energy of dancing come to life. Their style lends itself to many elements of electronic and pop music; while still managing to always incorporate distinct synths and drum samples that have become synonymous with their "genre" of alternative electronic. Stemming from deep-seated roots in music and entertainment backgrounds Kyle and Vinnie put their entire beings into the project of their craft. They keep everyone dancing with an impressive live set of drum pads, synthesizers and midi controllers, while also keeping audiences engaged through their own style of humor on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. A full time job for the band, their fun and downright captivating personalities shine through all aspects of Phantoms. Following the release of their newest single "MoonLight" they once again project such an amazing sound that'll surly get you up on your feet. Starting the track with a techno and groovy beat leading onto Sarah Close captivating and luscious vocals, she completes this fascinating track completely. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or just hearing this amazing track at a party. To the production and the vocals is what makes this track a euphoric feeling. Go stream "Moonlight" and check out their newest EP "Moonlight".