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Phantom Engine - “Involuntary Hold”

When it comes to music, sometimes the most intriguing artists are those who remain shrouded in mystery. Phantom Engine is one such musician/producer who has captured the attention of listeners with their unique blend of synthwave and chillwave.

The single "Involuntary Hold" is a slow and smooth track that features prominent vocals and a sound reminiscent of jazz. The song is perfect for a nighttime listen and creates a soothing atmosphere that envelops the listener.

Not much is known about Phantom Engine, which only adds to their mystique. The producer has managed to create a buzz around their music without revealing too much about themselves, leaving the focus solely on their music.

What is known is that Phantom Engine is a master of creating atmospheric and immersive soundscapes. Their music has a dream-like quality that transports the listener to another world.

"Involuntary Hold" is a perfect example of Phantom Engine's ability to create a mood with their music. The song is a slow burner that gradually builds in intensity, drawing the listener in and holding them captive until the very end.

Phantom Engine's blend of synthwave and chillwave creates a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh at the same time. The use of vintage synthesizers and electronic beats gives the music a nostalgic feel, while the incorporation of modern production techniques keeps it current.

The vocals on "Involuntary Hold" are smooth and emotive, adding another layer of depth to the track. The lyrics are introspective and contemplative, touching on themes of uncertainty and inner turmoil.

Overall, Phantom Engine is a musician/producer who is worth keeping an eye on. Their unique blend of synthwave and chillwave, combined with their mysterious persona, makes for a compelling listening experience. "Involuntary Hold" is a slow and smooth single that showcases the artist's skill at creating immersive soundscapes that draw the listener in and leave them wanting more.


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