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Per Thornberg - "Herrvik"

Step into the enchanting world of Per Thornberg's musical craftsmanship with his delightful jazz instrumental, "Herrvik." Transporting listeners to the idyllic setting of a small Swedish village on the Gotland island, Thornberg's composition encapsulates the essence of late summer through the soothing notes of his saxophone. Released under the ELITIST label, a Division of Strawtown, "Herrvik" is more than just a song – it's a journey into the heart of jazz.

As the melody of "Herrvik" gently unfurls, one is immediately drawn into a realm of emotions. The tune's gentle sway, akin to a waltz, conjures images of romantic strolls and carefree moments. With its moods spanning from happiness to romance and pure chill, this instrumental captures the essence of a sun-kissed late summer day.

Drawing inspiration from the village of Herrvik and the artistic heritage it holds, Per Thornberg's musical creation is more than notes on a page – it's a fusion of cultures and experiences. The influence of artist Lage Lindell, who once inhabited a summer house and studio in Herrvik, is evident in Thornberg's composition. This jazz waltz is a musical homage to the village's creative spirit, where nature and art intertwine.

Collaboration lies at the heart of "Herrvik." Thornberg extends an invitation to South African saxophonist Dan Shout, whose contribution adds a unique dimension to the piece. This cross-continental partnership beautifully mirrors the meeting of cultures and artistic expression. Thornberg's music serves as a bridge that connects different corners of the world, merging the distinct sounds of Sweden and South Africa.

Per Thornberg's musical journey is as diverse as his talents. Beyond his prowess as a tenor saxophonist, Thornberg is an accomplished teacher in improvisation, a respected lecturer, an author of educational books, a composer, and an art critic. His inclination toward merging visual arts with music showcases his innovative spirit and his desire to create multi-dimensional artistic experiences.

In "Herrvik," Per Thornberg has crafted more than just a jazz composition; he's created an auditory painting that captures the essence of a Swedish village, the spirit of collaboration, and the universal language of music. Through his saxophone's lyrical storytelling, Thornberg invites us to experience the magic of Herrvik and the transformative power of jazz.


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