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PawPaw Rod With A Funky Track "Hit Em Where It Hurts"

Introducing an upcoming talented artist PawPaw Rod who's a newly signed GodMode artist with the LA-based label who brought the world Channel Tres, Yaeji, LoveLeo, and more. Following getting signed this musician has came out with a funky single with "Hit Em Where It Hurts". Always having a passion for music PawPaw has continuously been working on music for everyone and anyone to enjoy. His music is truly captivating and with this new release you'd be shocked you haven't heard of this artist yet. Following this release it introduces a twist on early funk-soul, this record was produced by the enigmatic and newly un-retired Smash Brothers, a production team with roots in the Sigma Sound/Philly Soul studio culture of the late 70s and early 80s. To further explain this track it's about moving on from someone and just being free when it's time, it's time. Overall this is a great funky track that surely anyone would enjoy. It's also a perfect track for a late night drive or hanging out with friends. Go stream "Hit Em Where It Hurts"


Instagram: @pawpawrodney

Twitter: @RodniTweets


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