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Paul Jacks - "Brand New Shame"

For almost twenty years, Paul Jacks has been creating a unique and challenging sonic landscape, starting with his work with indie groups Smile Ease and Asteroid, and ascending to the critically-acclaimed solo albums Defractor, In Other Words, and Black Jackal. With a restlessness that propels him to constantly seek out new sounds and explore different genres, Jacks has now released his fourth studio album, Amphibious, produced by the esteemed British-born, L.A.-based producer-composer Alex Newport.

Jacks has always been on a journey of learning, and trying to create a new sound, and he's determined to not get pigeon-holed into one genre. Amphibious is the latest release in this artistic restlessness, as Jacks shifts direction from the New Wave vibes of In Other Words and the dystopian world of Black Jackal, and embraces change. According to Jacks, "There are themes of survival, adaptation, growth, and awareness throughout the album."

The lead single, "Brand New Shame," is a standout track that addresses the self-conscious emotion of shame from the perspective of one that is trying to cope and understand this emotion, and how to break its cycle. The accompanying claymation video by Erin Pollock further enhances the song's message.

With Black Jackal behind him, Jacks sought a producer so he could "focus on the lyrics and the themes and the emotions." Newport's production complements Jacks' songwriting, highlighting the themes and emotions, and creating a lush and expansive soundscape that evokes the chillwave genre.

Amphibious is a departure from Jacks' earlier work, and is a testament to his artistic growth and willingness to take risks. As he says, "I'm excited to see where the journey takes me next." With Amphibious, Paul Jacks has created a compelling and introspective album that showcases his talents as a songwriter and musician, and demonstrates his ability to evolve and adapt to new sounds and ideas.


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