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Patrick Caruana - "Rainout"

Patrick Caruana is a talented instrumental acoustic guitarist with a wide range of musical influences. His latest release, "Rainout," showcases his ability to blend different styles, including jazz, rock, and blues, into a relaxed and melody-driven sound. With a steady bass and fingerstyle backing, "Rainout" features a layered and groovy middle section that Caruana particularly enjoyed creating.

Recorded on a Martin D-35 using an SM-57 mic, "Rainout" emphasizes a natural acoustic sound that adds to the song's laid-back feel. Caruana's fingerstyle technique interweaves melodic leads, catchy rhythmic elements, and moving bass lines, creating a unique sound that blends rock, blues, folk, jazz, and funk.

Caruana's passion for music was reignited after attending a Tedeschi Trucks Band concert, which inspired him to revisit songs from his guitar heroes and develop an original sound and acoustic repertoire. His debut EP, "Babies Driving Donuts," showcases his diverse musical background, featuring tracks that range from punchy funk in "Showman’s Strut and Wail" to upbeat folk in "Ellie’s Whirl" and dreamy ballad in "The Dreary Night’s Drift."

Following up on his debut EP, Caruana released "Just Dropping By," an upbeat mix of rock and jazz blues that draws inspiration from Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers Band, and Dave Brubeck. Caruana's willingness to explore time signature changes adds to the track's dynamic sound.

"A Rustic Welcome," another standout from Caruana's repertoire, features acoustic slide lead over fingerstyle rhythms and a foundational bass backing, evoking a laid-back vibe with country stylings throughout.

In his latest release, "Mindful Matters," Caruana's focus on melody-driven music is evident as he blends folk rock and jazzy funk into a moody groove. The song's middle section is a 2-part mash-up that showcases Caruana's versatility as a musician.

With each release, Patrick Caruana continues to impress with his unique blend of musical styles and fingerstyle technique. Whether he's exploring time signature changes or creating moody grooves, Caruana's passion for music is evident in every note he plays.


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