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pastels - "Dreamfield"

With the release of her latest single “Dreamfield,” Pastels has once again captivated listeners with her signature sound of shimmering synths, gentle bongos and a lush blend of FKJ-inspired piano chords and saxophone blrrps. The song is a true slow burner, gradually building in intensity as the shimmering synths wash over the listener, before finally coming to a close with the sound of chirping crickets.

Pastels has described “Dreamfield” as “floating on cloud 9,” and this is exactly what the listener is transported to with each listen. The song is a perfect representation of Pastels’ unique blend of electronic, ambient, and pop influences. Her music is atmospheric, dreamy and highly captivating, making her one of the most promising new artists in the electronic music scene.

What sets Pastels apart is her ability to craft soundscapes that are both complex and engaging. The production on “Dreamfield” is top-notch, with each element of the song carefully crafted to complement the other. The gentle tapping of the bongos, the medley of piano chords, and the saxophone blrrps are all masterfully woven together to create a sound that is both rich and full.

One of the standout features of “Dreamfield” is the inclusion of the natural sound of chirping crickets at the end of the song. This not only brings a sense of organic beauty to the composition, but also serves as a reminder of the importance of nature and the world around us. It’s a testament to Pastels’ artistry and attention to detail, and shows her dedication to creating music that is both beautiful and meaningful.

In conclusion, Pastels’ “Dreamfield” is a dreamy and immersive experience that showcases her unique talent as a producer and composer. Her music is a testament to her love of electronic, ambient, and pop music, and her ability to craft soundscapes that are both captivating and meaningful. With “Dreamfield,” Pastels has once again established herself as an artist to watch, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.


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