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Paruhdroyd - "Sand Is Overrated, It's Just Tiny Little Rocks"

Introducing Paruhdroyd, a bedroom producer from Las Vegas who’s been producing music for almost 20 years and is interested in sharing it now, and boy aren't we glad for it. While not much is known about the artist, we do know that this is a new wave anthem about finding home and trying to see the forest for the trees. The newest single is quite vintage sounding in the essence of the vocal mix being very relative of the rockers from the past. We then start to think a bit more as we continue listening and then the question that pops in our head is, "who could be a hero to Paruhdroyd?", Which we think the answer would be no other than Mr. Kevin Parker, Tame Impala. From the cadence to the vocal delivery we sense the artist honing in on the influence of their heros and working towards bettering himself contantly. Listen below.


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