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Parisi & La Mantia x Sam Louis - "Shadow"

Parisi & La Mantia, two Italian DJs and producers, team up with vocalist Sam Louis to bring us "Shadow", a retro-inspired track that takes us back to the 80s. The song features a pulsing beat and a catchy synth melody, complemented by Louis' smooth vocals.

"Shadow" is the perfect anthem for a nostalgic night out, evoking memories of old-school disco and dance clubs. Parisi & La Mantia's production skills shine through in the track, showcasing their talent for creating energetic and danceable music.

In the accompanying music video, we see the trio of musicians performing "Shadow" in a neon-lit, retro-futuristic setting. The video's aesthetic is reminiscent of iconic 80s movies like Tron and The Terminator, adding to the throwback vibes of the song.

Overall, "Shadow" is a fun and nostalgic track that will transport you back to the golden age of dance music. Be sure to check it out and get ready to hit the dance floor.


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