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Parallax Skies - "Judith"

Parallax Skies is a band formed in the U.K, their sound compromises of shoe-gaze, and britpop. They give a nod to nostalgia with their alternative, 80's, 90's, sounding tunes, the band has their sight on differentiating themselves while still engaging and delighting their audience. Parallax Skies has already released their ep. "Pages from Ceefax". They have sold out gigs locally and are paving their way connecting with people. The band is set to announce new shows in the Autumn/Winter, Their song "Judith" is a fun, alternative rock, 80's, sounding tune. Starting off with a lone drum set, creeping into a guitar and then bass, the lead singer starts profoundly with the vocals sitting in the mix perfectly, I couldn't put my finger on who they sound like, being that it sounds like an 80's single, but that may be a good thing, right? At the ending, one of the last sentences, when the lead singer says, "away" sounding a bit like young Steven Tyler. We hope to hear more from them, check them out!



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