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Papi Darko Eases With "Messenger"

"Messenger" is the latest from Mexican born Canadian artist Papi Darko. Referencing 'messenger' chats as a way to connect with love, just like in the old days. A quirky love song with that nostalgic '90s R&B Pop style that we all secretly love. The single is absolutely luscious and very reminiscent to Toro Y Moi we think. The single is very reminiscent to something we imagine hearing in the 80's no problem. We think this is a big late night single to drive over to your significant other to. The single is absolutely amazing the way it opens in a calmy matter with a speaking tone in a way, and then opens up to the artists full and strong vocals. The instrumenal is amazing and seems to feature the sounds of the 80's again with some hard lynn drums. Listen below.


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