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Pally Ray Introducing An Upbeat Track With "Red Eye"

Upcoming artist Pally Ray returns to our blog once again introducing his latest single "Red Eye". Pally is a second generation Indian American Rapper, Singer and engineer influenced by a variety of modern artists. The talent for music was pushed by his first team and after free styling at a talent show, the crowd response was ecstatic and the journey began off because of what was an accident turned out to be pushing Pally Ray further into his musical career. Now, Pally Ray has started his self-run studio which he uses to record and engineer himself as well as other artists.

Following his newest release "Red Eye" he perfectly captures this track to the full extent. Starting the beat with an upbeat style leading onto his full and loud vocals. This track is definitely a banger for any listener. This track was written an hour before Pally hopped on a 5 am flight and it just captures the raw, energy, emotion and power of just taking flight. It starts off hard but every so often it gives you a quick second to breathe before hitting you 10x harder. This single is perfect for driving late a night with friends or just jamming at a party it's the most hard vibe you can receive from a track. Make sure to check out Pally Ray's full discography all his tracks are truly amazing.


Instagram: @Pall_ray

Twitter: @Pally_Ray


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